For information on upcoming races, see the calendar.

2017 National Championships

Schools wishing to enter teams MUST BE paid up members of ESSKIA. For more information on membership go here. Schools are requested to provide details for a 'Teacher in Charge' — the Teacher in Charge may then nominate a parent to act on their behalf if they wish. All communications (Race Bulletins and Invitations) are sent direct to the School so any parent helpers should stay in touch with the Teacher in Charge — particularly if you are doing the administration for your School Teams.

Race Structure

Regional qualifying races will be held on Sunday 17th September — see the calendar for details. Qualifying teams are then invited to the National Finals which will take place at Norwich on 7th October '17.

An Open Championship will also be held at Norwich on 8th October '17 — this race is open to any teams that take part in the qualifying races.

2017 English Schools Indoor Championships

Held on Sunday 14th May 2017 at Chill Factore in Manchester.

  Boys Individual   Girls Individual
  Boys Teams   Girls Teams

2016 British School Dry Slope Championships

 British Schools Dry Slope 2016 results (PDF)